Mapletree has two offices: one in the United States and one in Norway. Both Pat Watson and Gary Brun are cross-trained in all areas of production and post-production, which aids in completing projects faster. Mapletree can (and does) handle projects from the “niggle of an idea” stage all the way through the finished product for the web, podcast, CD, DVD and television. Mapletree can also “plug in” to any stage of a project and carry it forward to completion.




Mapletree Studios was founded in 2000, by a small group of production professionals whose motto is “get the job done”. Being a small company has its advantages; no bureaucracy to slog through, so things get done much faster. Faster doesn’t mean sloppier, though; in most cases, we’re much more picky about the finished product than our clients are!
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North American office
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English office
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European office
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